"Packaging is an additional USP for our electric tools"

The L-BOXX is more than just packaging for our products. It is an integral part of our system and offers added benefits for mobile ­craftsmen, for example with inductive charging in the vehicle using the Bosch Wireless Charging System­. Customised use, consistent system ­compatibility­ and seamless integration into the Sortimo van ­racking­ system make the L-BOXX a unique product on the market.


"...the perfect supplement to our tools"

"With its flexible and modular structure, the L-BOXX system is a perfect supplement to our tools. The premium workmanship aligns very well with our concept of quality and our promise to provide such. The L-BOXX system enables us to offer our customers mobile and flexible solutions for tool ­organisation."


"International standard"

Our products fulfil the requirements of the international markets. The packaging needs to do the same, too. With the L-BOXX system, we have packaging which is enjoying increasing popularity and acceptance on an international scale. This means we avoid local solutions, create international standards and can use the BOXXes as promotional measures.


"Innovation, expertise, quality, service and customer focus…"

…form the foundation of our ­global success. By strictly adhering­ to these requirements, KUKKO has become a valued partner to the specialist trade and a top system­ supplier in the workshop ­field of the ­automotive­ industry. We have therefore also made the L-BOXX "our" tool case. It is versatile, sturdy and fully in line with the high quality requirements that we place on our own products.


"Ideal tool and optimum system cases"

The new SPAX L-BOXX assembly cases are the ideal tool for a quick and safe assembly. All pre-sorted SPAX and the corresponding bits are immediately available and in the right place. Thus, working becomes even more efficient with SPAX. The system is well thought-out, sturdy and high-quality. It therefore ideally matches our range and our quality requirements.


"Everything else is a waste of time"

Mobility is everything these days! As a craftsman, I’m on the road a lot. If I’m not completing an installation, then I’m on-site with a customer giving personal advice or taking measurements. I rely on products in the L-BOXX system to make sure I always have all my tools, measuring equipment and materials ready to hand. Being a very well-organised craftsman simply makes a good impression on customers!


"Partnership on an equal footing"

We were excited from the outset about the transferability of our VARO system into the coherent stock ­portfolio from BS Systems, and the link to the Sortimo and FÖRCH VAROMOBIL van ­racking system. The L-BOXX system not only impresses with its diverse application ­options­ and a great deal of flexibility in terms of the design­ of the product portfolio, but also usefully complements our product­ range. In terms of the design and implementation of the joint projects, it is particularly worth highlighting both the ­partnership­ and the focus on ­innovation­.


"The L-BOXX – advertising mechanism with additional uses"

During our search for a target group ­oriented sales­inducement, we became aware of the L-BOXX System. The system optimises the daily work processes of craftsmen and, in a smart way, impresses with high market penetration and offers our customers real added value. Thanks to the competent advice of BS Systems, we were not only able to implement our originally planned campaign, but also to expand the project into a permanent system offer.