Larger – wider – more
The XL-BOXX: Slick machine case in a large format

The new XL-BOXX extends the L-BOXX system, which has been sold millions of times, to include a fully compatible, spacious and well thought-out machine and transport case.

BS Systems, the market leader in the field of high-quality system cases, has expanded its product portfolio with the XL-BOXX to include a large machine and transport case. With a storage capacity of around 30 litres, even bulky, heavy and unwieldy equipment can fit into the BOXX and, thanks to the system concept, can be stored neatly and transported efficiently and quickly.
The XL-BOXX not only offers a lot of space, it can also be subdivided individually and for any purpose with freely divisible plug-in partition walls, which are flush with the lid. The functional design impresses with its low dead weight without neglecting the requirements for robustness, load capacity or transport protection. The machines, tools and accessories to be transported are thus optimally protected against external influences or damage.

The professional in action – the product features of the XL-BOXX speak for themselves:

  • 30 litres of storage space, can be loaded up to 25 kg, lid can withstand up to 100 kg
  • sturdy design, robust and easy to clean
  • splash-proof (IP44)
  • standardised and customised accessories
  • plug-in partition wall set flush with the lid for flexible interior partitioning (suitable for L-BOXX inserts etc.)
  • non-slip stackable for safe storage and easy transport
  • efficient transport with other cases, e.g. it is fully compatible with the L-BOXX system, the W-BOXX, the Sortimo T-BOXX and the new Hilti case
  • contents remain accessible, even if a BOXX is pushed onto the lid
  • seamless integration into Sortimo van racking systems

When developing the L-BOXX system, the system concept was given top priority and this is reflected in the compatibility of the accessories. In this way, many items can easily fit in the XL-BOXX. The manufacturer provides custom solutions by offering a wide range of services for the interior layout. For instance, the interior can be customised with foams, thermoformed inlays, rigid foam inserts or standard accessories, and the appearance can also be designed to match the customer’s corporate identity.

If you want to get an idea of the functionality, the robust appearance and the various possibilities, you can find the XL-BOXX online at information can be obtained on request by email at or by telephone at +49 8291/850-2300.