The LS-BOXX 306 combines the benefits of foldaway storage space with the organization of drawers. This allows you to have everything at hand quickly. The drawer compartments can be individually equipped with i-BOXXes or LS-Trays and are always freely accessible.
Doubly practical: the LS-BOXX 306

L-BOXX + practical drawers: for the quickest access to tools and accessories – ideal for example for electrical tools. The LS-BOXX is best suited for every challenge with its flexible usage possibilities and equipping opportunities. In addition it is extremely robust and fully clickable with L-BOXXes, LT-BOXXes and the i-BOXX Rack.

Outer dimensions (WxDxH):
445 x 358 x 322 mm
17.52 x 14.09 x 12.68 in
Inner dimensions (WxDxH):
388 x 309 x 97 mm
15.28 x 13.17 x 3.82 in
13.5 Liter
3.57 Gal
3.8 kg
8.38 lb

Accessories LS-BOXX 306

i-BOXX 72Color: Black / Transparent
Outer dimensions: B367 x T316 x H72
Inner dimensions: B337 x T258 x H63
Weight: 0.9 kg
Volume: 5.6 liter contents
LS-Tray 72Color: Black
Inner dimensions: B343 x T258 x H69
Weight: 0.6 kg
Volume: 6.6 liter contents
Lid inlays LBfor form fitting lid closure with inset boxes and small component trays
Document card LB/XLBfor documents & documents up to size DIN A4;
incl. assembly material
Tool card 1 LB/XLBwith rubber loops and pouches for inserting tools
Tool card 2 LB/XLBwith rubber loops and pouches, possible to equip with tools on 3-sides
Small component insert 4 recesses LB 136for the L-BOXX 136 and LS-BOXX
Small component insert 6 recesses LB 136for the L-BOXX 136 and LS-BOXX
Small component insert 8 recesses LB 136for the L-BOXX 136 and LS-BOXX
Raster foam LB 136Pre-perforated for individual adjustment
Self cutting insert set 4F LB 1366 burled EPP-panels with 15 mm thickness; including knife
Anti rattle mat-LB 102/136Suitable for the L-BOXX 102,
the LBOXX 136 and the LT-BOXX 170
Divider panel set 3F LB 136Frame and divider (metal) to enable division into 3 compartments
Divider set 4F LB 136Frame and divider (metal) to enable division into 4 compartments
Labelling stickers10 sheets (DIN A4) with 18 weatherproof labels & 79 Icons



The L-BOXX as well as the other system components are ready for you in a neutral basis version. Alongside short delivery times this product impresses in black and anthracite. BOXXes also with an availability from 1 unit.


Of course we also offer the possibility to design the LS-BOXX completely according to your desires and fitting to your Corporate Design. In principle almost every component can be produced in every available RAL-color.

There are many diverse logo zones available and various process techniques for applying your logo. We will gladly advise you on this topic in detail and help you visualize the desired draft in your design.

Speak with us, we are looking forward to your non-binding inquiry.