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Safety Rocks 🤘 with the Battery SafeBOXX – the safe transport and storage solution for rechargeable batteries

The L-BOXX 238 – now also available as Battery SafeBOXX with BAM dangerous goods transport certification (UN 3480)! Whether battery tools, gardening tools, bicycles or power storage for renewable energies – lithium batteries are being used more and more often.

The problem: A damaged lithium-ion battery is like a ticking time bomb – it can release energy suddenly and uncontrollably, burn or explode. For this reason, these batteries are considered dangerous goods and are subject to the law on the transport of dangerous goods. This is exactly where the newly developed Battery SafeBOXX made of high-quality ABS special plastic and integrated branded fire protection cushion comes into play. It is the safe transport and packaging solution in accordance with ADR. An additional plus is its compatibility with the entire L-BOXX system.

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First impressions don’t get a second chance !

The new ProClick special placement display for a professional presentation of goods at the POS.

Market research studies on mobile working show that 71% of craftsmen like to carry tools and consumables on their belts.

System products are the preferentially purchased for this. With the ProClick system, we have the answer to this trend for the sales markets and with the new READY-TO-USE POS special placement display, retailers are immediately ready to offer their customers a solution in this segment.

L-BOXX CUSTOM – Your logo on the L-BOXX!

When purchasing an L-BOXX at  you can now have the lid of any L-BOXX individually printed with your desired logo – starting at just 1 piece.

New ProClick products

Our ProClick range is growing with numerous other indispensable, cross-industry mobility aids!

  • ProClick Smart Pouch S – Small tool belt pouch for safe carrying of e.g. smartphones
  • ProClick Nail Pouch S – Smaller version of the ProClick Nail Pouch M
  • ProClick Tool Board S – Practical tool holder for smaller hand tools
  • ProClick Soft Bag M – Spacious tool bag in a sporty design
  • ProClick Suspenders – Ergonomic tool suspenders for craftsmen

The new tool bags and tool holders of the ProClick system all fit perfectly into the existing mobility system and all fulfill the promise to make daily work in the trade easier and more productive.

Perfect & clear organization, easy & safe transport in combination, short load securing times, high quality, optimal ease of use and outstanding design quality. These are keywords that craft professionals now associate not only with the popular L-BOXX but also with the ProClick soft storage system!

Organization with system – Now also in XL

The new Inset Box Set with matching lid insert transforms the XL-BOXX into a practical assortment case for consumables. It consists of nine inset boxes of the same size, each equipped with two removable and flexibly insertable dividers.

The form-fitted inset boxes ensure optimum utilization of the available interior space, while the integrated partition guides allow subdivisions to be individually adapted to the load.

The lid insert supplied in the set ensures that the lid is flush and guarantees that the contents of the BOXXes are transported without mixing.

We are delighted to be able to introduce FEIN as a new L-BOXX System-Partner

Following on the announcement of the cooperation with Bosch on the Professional 18V Rechargeable battery platform, FEIN has also chosen a system concept for packaging, which adds value for the end user, by becoming a member of the L-BOXX Family.

The overarching goal is to make everyday working easier for the professional tradesman and to ensure they can get through their work faster and more efficiently.

We have gained a strong partner for the L-BOXX System with FEIN, and combined with the over 300 existing partners, we have taken a further step towards being the market standard for mobile solutions in trades.

Back in 1967, FEIN launched the first oscillating power tool on the market. Today, this multifunctional device called the MULTIMASTER, is still inspiring trade professionals from all manner of industries worldwide. So, it makes perfect sense that it is exactly this series that the conversion to a new transport and storage system begins with.

In perfect time for the Holz-Handwerk trade fair in July, FEIN is presenting the new rechargeable battery operated MULTIMASTER AMM in the L-BOXX 136. The close cooperation of the project teams to date promises a tight partnership on a level playing field. We are grateful for the trust placed in us and are looking forward to continued innovative and professional cooperation, and we are thrilled to welcome FEIN to the L-BOXX Family!

Fatih Yilmaz
Managing Director BS Systems GmbH & Co. KG