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The ProClick Hammer Holder S enables secure carrying of a hammer on the body and is easy on the user’s strength. In addition to the sturdy metal hammer holder, it is equipped with a band loop for attaching a carabiner as well as 2 pen loops. Thanks to the permanently integrated ClickUnit the ProClick Hammer Holder can be clicked on to and off the patented ProClick Holder effortlessly and intuitively with one fingertip.

Accessories ProClick Hammer Holder S

ProClick Tool Bag MOpen Tool Bag
Color: Black
Outer dimensions: 48 x 24 x 33 cm
Weight: 2.86 kg
ProClick HolderConnection element between belt and Click Units. Compatible with practically every conventional belt
ProClick Unit Organizer Set2x Unit Organizer
4x Universal screws
ProClick Tool Belt XLPadded tool belt
Length: 160 cm
Adjustable: 120-155 cm
ProClick Tool Belt LPadded tool belt
Length: 140 cm
Adjustable: 100-135 cm
ProClick Tool Belt MPadded tool belt
Length: 120 cm
Adjustable: 90-115 cm
ProClick Tool Belt SPadded tool belt
Length: 120 cm
Adjustable: 90-115 cm