L-BOXX 238


The robust space miracle is best suited for every operation and the flexible usage opportunities and equipment variations make the L-BOXX 238 an indispensable giant in our L-BOXX series thanks to its extra stowage space. A variety of inlays, tool cards and small component trays guarantee a secure hold for all loading purposes. Thereby the L-BOXX 238 provides all the equipment features of the L-BOXX series and has both the robust click mechanism and the carrying handle which enables weights of up to 25 kg singly and up to 40 kg when combined, to be safely transported. Thanks to its robust construction from impact and shock resistant ABS plastic, the L-BOXX masters practically every challenge and stands up to the most extreme stresses.

The one with plus-sized space: L-BOXX 238
More than just a robust tool case: The flexible transport and safekeeping system with the multitude of division possibilities provides almost unlimited usage opportunities. No matter whether it is work materials, different accessories or heavy tools which have to be transported, the L-BOXX 238 ensures everything arrives at the operations site simply and conveniently – and best of all: organized.
Outer dimensions (WxDxH):
445 x 358 x 254 mm
17.52 x 14.09 x 10 in
Inner dimensions (WxDxH):
378 x 303 x 203 mm
14.88 x 11.93 x 7.99 in
25.5 Liter
6.74 Gal
2.8 kg
6.17 lb

Accessories L-BOXX 238



The L-BOXX as well as the other system components are ready for you in a neutral basis version. Alongside short delivery times this product impresses in black and anthracite. BOXXes also with an availability from 1 unit.


Of course we also offer the possibility to design the L-BOXX completely according to your desires and fitting to your Corporate Design. In principle almost every component can be produced in every available RAL-color.

There are many diverse logo zones available and various process techniques for applying your logo. We will gladly advise you on this topic in detail and help you visualize the desired draft in your design.

Speak with us, we are looking forward to your non-binding inquiry.

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The L-BOXX – a joint project from Bosch and Sortimo: The patented case system for tool cases and assortment cases was specially designed jointly for the requirements of professional tradesmen and as a packaging solution for industry.

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