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Das Allround-Talent mit vielen Varianten.

The Allround-Talent with lots of variants.


Thanks to the robust construction from impact and shockproof ABS-plastic, the L-BOXX masters practically every challenge and stands up to the most extreme stresses. Thus it is best suited for daily operations on the building site.

Das Raumwunder für große Maschinen.

The space miracle for large machines.


The XL-BOXX expands the existing L-BOXX system with a fully compatible large and above all well thought out machine and transport case. The attractive design impresses with reduced weight without neglecting robustness, transport protection and resilience.

Mehr als ein Werkzeuggürtel.

More than just a tool belt.


ProClick changes the way that professional tradesmen carry their tools. The ergonomic padded Tool Belt forms the basis – the ProClick Holder is the core and connecting element of the system. What is unique is: awkward threading in & out of the belt is obsolete thanks to ProClick.

Zubehör optimal verstaut.

Accessories optimally stowed.


The LS-BOXX is the logical and sensible expansion of the L-BOXX system when it comes to being able to access consumable materials and accessories even faster.

Das Wichtigste immer im Zugriff.

Everything important always to hand.


The LT-BOXX is the newest member of the L-BOXX Family. It is the universal companion throughout the day. Because everything that needs to be at hand quickly and flexibly finds it place in it.




The i-BOXX Rack is a single shelf-like receptacle for an i-BOXX or a drawer, which can be combined and expanded practically unlimitedly.

Kleinsortiment kompakt verpackt.

Small assortments compactly packaged.


The L-BOXX Mini is the compact and economical packaging alternative for small assortments of up to 1.5 kg. Thanks to the individually insertable and flush with the lid separating strips, the BOXX can be quickly and simply adapted to the respective goods.

Wirtschaftliche und funktionale Basisvariante.

Economical and functional basis variant.


The W-BOXX as “system case for entry level”, is more than a new device or assortment case: It is an intelligent packaging solution, multi brand standardized meaning it facilitates several work steps simultaneously.

Muster und mehr perfekt inszeniert.

Samples and more, perfectly presented.


The H-BOXX case system for presentation and sales was specially developed for sales professionals. Spacious and handy, it helps in presenting products attractively and functionally.

Kleinsortiment kompakt verpackt.

Small assortments compactly packaged.

L-BOXX Micro

The L-BOXX Micro is the compact and economical packaging alternative for small assortments with a weight of up to one kilogram. The all round transparent plastic ensures permanent overview of contents and filling levels, without having to open the lid.