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The ProClick Smart Pouch S is the smallest of the ProClick tool belt pouches.

In addition to 2 pen loops, 1 strap loop for carabiners, it is equipped with a protective flap with Velcro closure and a clever cutout for connection cables of all kinds. Thanks to the firmly integrated ClickUnit, the Smart Pouch S can be effortlessly and intuitively clicked on and off the patented ProClick Holder with a fingertip and is thus perfectly suited for the safer transport on the belt of e.g. smartphones and measuring devices.

Accessories ProClick Smart Pouch S

ProClick Tool Bag MOpen Tool Bag
Color: Black
Outer dimensions: 48 x 24 x 33 cm
Weight: 2.86 kg
ProClick HolderConnection element between belt and Click Units. Compatible with practically every conventional belt
ProClick Tool Belt SPadded tool belt
Length: 120 cm
Adjustable: 90-115 cm
ProClick Tool Belt MPadded tool belt
Length: 120 cm
Adjustable: 90-115 cm
ProClick Tool Belt LPadded tool belt
Length: 140 cm
Adjustable: 100-135 cm
ProClick Tool Belt XLPadded tool belt
Length: 160 cm
Adjustable: 120-155 cm
ProClick Unit Organizer Set2x Unit Organizer
4x Universal screws
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