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System products have a tremendous effect on sales!

By switching to the 18V rechargeable batteries of the Bosch Professional series and changing our standard product packaging to the L-BOXX system, we are breaking new ground. The trade professional invests in only one battery system and thus saves space and costs. The cases can be easily clicked together and fit perfectly into the Sortimo vehicle rack. This makes transport particularly easy and fast and the trade professional saves time. Which he can in turn invest in his actual work. Such system products have an enormous sales-promoting effect in the trade, as they have a lasting influence on customers’ purchasing decisions.

„Innovation, Competence, Quality, Service and Customer focus…“

…constitute the basis of our worldwide success. Thanks to strict orientation towards these requirements, KUKKO has become a valued partner to its specialized trade and a Top-System­supplier to the workshop sector of the Automobile industry. This is why we have made the L-BOXX “our” tool case. It is versatilely applicable and robust, and matches perfectly the high quality guarantees which we give to our customers.

”The L-BOXX; advertising medium with additional benefits”
While searching for a target group oriented sales inducement, we became aware of the L-BOXX system. The system optimizes every day work processes for the tradesman in a clever manner, distinguishing itself with its high level of market penetration and provides our customers with genuine added value.Thanks to the competent consultations with BS Systems we were able to achieve the aims, not only our originally contemplated campaign, but expanded the project into a permanent system promotion.

An ideal supplement
For us as a C-parts specialist, the L-BOXX is the ideal supplement in the sector of assortment boxes and storage systems; light, robust and versatile in application. The diverse sizes provide a variety of application possibilities in trade.

”Packaging as an additional USP for our electrical tools“

The L-BOXX is more than a repackaging for our products. It is an integral component of our system and provides the mobile tradesman, for example when it comes to the Bosch Wireless Charging System, additional benefits through individual charging in the vehicle. The individual usability, the permanent system compatibility and the seamless integration into the van racking system from Sortimo make the L-BOXX unique on the market.

”… the perfect complement to our tools“

The L-BOXX System is the perfect complement to our tools because of its flexible and modular design. The high quality processing fits very well with our understanding of quality and our quality guarantees. The L-BOXX system means that we can provide our customers with mobile and flexible solutions for tool organization.“

”Partnership of equals”

The portability of our VARO-Systems in the coherent stocking assortment from BS Systems, with its connections to the FÖRCH VAROMOBIL van racking systems convinced us right from the very beginning. The L-BOXX system convinces not only through its versatile application possibilities or the high levels of flexibility provided by the assortment design, but rather it rounds off our product range sensibly on top of everything else. During the conception and implementation of the mutual projects, the excellent innovative energy and the partner-like co-working were what distinguished the cooperation.

„International Standard“

We fulfill the demands of the international market with our products. This means the packaging must achieve this also. With the L-BOXX system we have a packaging which enjoys increasing international popularity and acceptance. This is how we avoid local solutions, achieve international standards and can implement the BOXXes as a sales inducing measure.

”Anything else is a waste of time”

Mobility today is everything! As a tradesman I am on the go permanently. If I’m not on the job at the moment then I am with the customer giving personal consultation or talking about measures on-site. So naturally I rely on the products associated with the L-BOXX system in order to have all tools, measuring devices and materials at hand. A top-organized tradesman simply makes a good impression on the customer!

„Ideal work aid and optimal system case“

The new SPAX assembly case L-BOXX is the ideal work aid for quick and secure assembly. All of the previously sorted SPAX as well as the corresponding bits are available to hand and always in the right place. This makes working with SPAX even more efficient. The system is well thought through, robust and of the highest quality. It complements our range perfectly and meets our quality demands.

The perfect addition to our hand tools

Thanks to the L-BOXX in Wiha-Design all our tools are secure and organized and contained in a flexible transport and storage system. The robust design means it can deal with all the demands of the professional user and thanks to the click mechanism it is simple to stack and transport. Wiha has found a strong partner in BS Systems, to provide added vale to our own hand tools with their very high quality demands.

As a manufacturer of electrical installation materials our task is…

to respect the robust working environment of our customers. The L-BOXXes not only ensure protection and a secure packaging on the building site, but our customers also profit from the excellent overview provided of their work materials. The established, modular system, the possibility to break up packaging units as well as the high quality of the Boxes, mean that we will be expanding the product range in the future.

We see the L-Boxx as a real added value for our customers.
As the leading international producer of blind (pop) rivet technology, quality and customer satisfaction are very important to us. We want to provide the customer with an additional benefit when they purchase our Bird Pro Rivet gun. We achieve this with the robust packaging which protects our device optimally and provides the user with maximum flexibility in their work routine. Simultaneously we value the L-Boxx as a partner on our side which flexibly meets our requirements as a manufacturer. It means we can react quickly to changes on the market and continue to fulfill our customers requirements.

“High quality and mobility – L-BOXXes as a useful addition to the product range”.

The partnership cooperation with BS Systems is enriching for us as a manufacturer of fastening technology in several respects. For craftsmen and DIY workers, L-BOXXes offer real added value and represent an excellent and well thought-out solution for storing dowels and screws. For us, in particular, L-BOXXes are an additional sales argument and the perfect way to respond flexibly to customer needs, thus boosting sales.

Combining common strengths for an excellent product

Our companies have a long-standing friendly relationship: I was allowed to do an internship at the parent company Sortimo in my student days. There I had the opportunity to get to know the L-BOXX system at first hand and to test it extensively. When the need arose for a high-quality case system for our measuring instruments for leak testing of pipelines at Rau GmbH, the step was not far: In the L-BOXX, measuring instruments, adapters and accessories can be transported easily, protected and clearly arranged. This allows us to offer our customers a practical, high-quality and durable device. After years of joint partnership, we are still convinced and enthusiastic about the quality of the L-BOXX systems.

Flexible system solutions for our customers

In search of a system which is known and renowned by the user, which meets the everyday requirements on construction sites and which can be combined with numerous accessories as well as tools due to its distribution on the market, we have chosen the versatile L-BOXX in Eurotec design. As a local manufacturer of high-quality fastening solutions, we equally want to rely on a German-based partner for flexible system solutions.

“Focus on systems that are established in the market.”

The L-BOXX system established on the market is already used by many of our customers. With our variant, we offer a solution that they can integrate into their existing system and benefit from Sortimo’s flexible and versatile transport solution. The market penetration and the high quality of the system contribute to the fact that we will realize further expansion stages of our product range with Sortimo’s storage systems in the future.

“Compact, high-quality solutions safely stowed away!”

As a manufacturer of test and measuring equipment, BENNING Elektrotechnik und Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG

puts the safety of the user first!

As a result, it makes sense for us to store our devices just as safely. The robust L-Boxxes from BS-Systems are therefore the perfect addition to our product portfolio.

In addition to the secure storage option, the system not only makes a professional impression on the customer, but also saves valuable time thanks to the organized storage option.