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With a consolidated annual turnover of 545 million euros (2022), FÖRCH is far more than just one of Germany’s leading suppliers of tools, assembly and fastening technology. Theo Förch founded the company 60 years ago in his parents’ barn in Neuenstadt am Kocher, initially concentrating on the sale of screws, nuts and other small parts for automotive workshops. Over the years, the product range expanded to over 100,000 items and FÖRCH developed into a comprehensive solution provider for trade and industry with a strong focus on personal contact and an open ear for the needs of customers.

FÖRCH combines supposed opposites such as regionality and internationality or tradition and modernity in a unique way. The company’s strong regional roots are reflected in its nationwide presence throughout Germany and its 33 sales branches. Here, customers can cover their immediate needs directly on site and benefit from expert advice. At the same time, FÖRCH now operates 22 of its own national subsidiaries and is represented by over 50 national agencies in Europe and large parts of the world. The rapidly growing international business is now on a par with the domestic market.

Despite its international success, personal contact and interpersonal relationships are at the forefront at FÖRCH. More than half of the 3,500 employees worldwide work in the field and support their customers with products and individual services to successfully implement a wide range of projects. But FÖRCH is also at the cutting edge of the digital age and offers convenient access to the entire product world with its online store.

23 companies in Europe and 31 sales branches in Germany round off the profile of the 100 % family owned company. In total FÖRCH employs 3,250 people of which 2,000 are sales representatives.


Theo Förch GmbH & Co.KG

Tel: +49 7139 95-0
Fax: +49 800 3637246

E-Mail: info@foerch.de


Theo-Förch-Straße 11-15
74196 Neuenstadt


A perfect overview of all tools and assembly articles, from screws, nuts, rivets, chemical articles, channels and lashing straps right up to impact screwdrivers – everybody can have the perfect VAROBOXX.


We provide a VARiable organization system to meet every challenge, for stocking and removal of consumable materials, small components and tools.


Purchase your FÖRCH articles through your own personal sales advisor, the Web-Shop, in einer
sales branch or viatelephone sales – quickly and uncomplicated.


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